Cat Bесơmеs CơmρIеtеIy Obsеssеd With An Emρty Cinnamơn BơttIе

Food is Winston’s absolute obsession, and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on it. His family believes it is a habit he picked up while he was a stray living on the streets because he even attempts to eat items that aren’t food. His family has come to terms with the fact that he is still fixated on food despite the fact that he now has access to enough of it.

Winston’s mother, Emily Tan, told The Dodo that her son “would practically eat his toys (not joking), especially the soft ones,” since he is “crazy with food, and just eating in general.”


Because of this habit, it’s often hard to find Winston-safe toys that his parents don’t eventually have to take away from him.

One day, Winton’s parents had just finished a bottle of cinnamon and left the empty bottle on the windowsill to be brought out to the recycling bin later. Instead, Winston found it, knocked it into his box and decided that it was officially his new favorite toy.


His parents were probably a little perplexed at first. Why he enjoyed the cinnamon bottle so much was a mystery to them. The cinnamon bottle appeared to be there to stay because he would spend the entire day cuddling with it and would immediately complain if anyone tried to take it away.


He has a very powerful grab-and-pull reflex, so Tan explained that if he is cuddling with the bottle, he is highly resistant to having it taken away. He’ll embrace it with both of his arms close to his chest. It’s adorable.

Funny enough, Winston the toy destroyer really prefers the cinnamon bottle as a plaything over his other toys. He can play and cuddle with it for as long as he likеs because he can’t chew it up as he can other toys.

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