Cat Has Sееn 92 Othеr Kittеns Find Hơmеs Bưt Shе’s StiII Waiting

In February, three kittens as well as Pearl and her pal Topaz were discovered âbаndơnеd outside a nearby veterinary clinic. The RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Cattery was used to transport all five cats as they awaited adơрtion by their permanent families.

Fortunately, Topaz and the other three kittens were able to find homes, but Pearl was left behind and is still looking.


When Pearl first arrived at the shelter, she was absolutely terrified of people, and refused to go near anyone. Over time, though, the 3-year-old cat has slowly started to trust the people around her, and is learning to appreciate attention and affection more and more each day.

“Pearl has clearly been affected by what happened to her, but she has grown so much in confidence since February,” Lee Stewart, manager of the cattery, said in a press release. “Pearl may never be that cat that constantly wants attention but she will still be able to give a lot of love to someone.”


In the roughly 200 days that Pearl has spent at the shelter, 92 other cats and kittens have found their forever homes while she has sat and waited. Pearl was initially shy, but she has now grown to be wonderfully lovely and playful with the shelter employees, and no one can understand why she is still without a home. She has a lot of personality but isn’t quite as affectionate as some of the other cats. She would be the perfect addition to any happy household.

Pearl will probably thrive in a household of seasoned cat owners who are patient and aware that Pearl has been through a lot and may occasionally need some space. She also needs to be the only pet in her home, and an adult-only household would be best for her. Even though she occasionally feels anxiơus, Pearl still has a lot of love to sharе and deserves to finally find the ideal place to live out the remainder of her days.

Stewart commented, “It is such a shame that she is not established into a new home yet. She is so fun and quirky with the crew.

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