Offiсе Cat Lоνеs Cash Sо Muсh Hе StеaIs It Frоm Strangеrs

Sir Whines-A-Lot doesn’t let anything pass. Not any dollar notes, that is.


The lovable rеscuе kitty has been making quite a name for himself around the office of marketing firm GuRuStu, where he lives full time in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the day, he’s your typical feline employee, happy to offer a pleasant break for his colleagues, or hop atop their keyboard to send garbled emails on their behalf.

It’s in the evening time, however, that Sir Whines-A-Lot’s real work begins.


Upon returning to work one morning, GuRuStu founder Stuart McDaniel noticed some cash on the floor near the glass door where Sir Whines-A-Lot likеs to sunbathe and people-watch.

How the money got there was a mystery — one that only grew deeper.

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