LittIе Whitе Baby Dееr Fоund Strandеd In Thе MiddIе Of Thе Rоad By A Guy

While a family in Nashville, Tennessee, was doing construction work to move into their new home, they came across two kittens in a wall. Thinking that the mother would be nearby, they decided to wait for her return, but after a few hours, there was no sign of the cat and the kittens were hungry. So the family reached out to Nashville Cat Rescue .

The cats were apparently between 2 and 3 weeks old, so they felt they would do better with a lactating cat. Kiki, a foster volunteer from the rеscuе center, decided to step in and help the little ones.

She had two cats named Olive and Pickle who were rеscuеd from a cat colony . Fortunately, they had just had their babies and could help raise the two rеscuеd little ones.


The kittens appeared to be Olive and Pickle’s cats’ age. Kiki took them in so they could be loved by both their mothers and have siblings to play and snuggle with.

One of the kittens had a split face at birth, with one half black with orange spots and the other covered in orange tabby stripes, giving the impression that it was actually two separate cats. The infant could be a chimera cat, a kitten with unique DNA on one side of its body and normal DNA on the other.

Kiki stated:

Technically, I believe it can only be proven by a DNA test.


The little kitty is very happy to be safe under Kiki’s care, she was named Apricot and her brother is Pretzel. The shelter volunteer slowly introduced them to Olive and Pickle, but one of the cats rushed to take them in as soon as she heard the kittens crying.

Kiki recalls:

“Olive took them out of my hand, took them to Pickle and they started cleaning them up.”


When they arrived at the foster home with Kiki, Pickle was more social than Olive, she allowed herself to be petted, and was the first to give birth to 6 beautiful kittens. Unfortunately one of her kittens did not sưrvivе, but she was a dedicated mother to her babies.

Olive just watched her foster sister and for small moments, she would pass by to watch what was going on and make sure they were safe.


The cats were discovered to be extremely friendly and pregnant by a family who works to support the cat colony. Knowing that Pickle and Olive would be secure there, they made contact with the shelter to take care of them.

One of the requirements the family made was that the two cats stay together, even after they are finally adơрted. Given how closely they are bonded, they want them to remain as a unit.

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