Wоman sharеs hеr hоmе with 600 stray сats

She takes the term ‘cat lady’ to a whole other level.

Do you find one or two cats to be a handful? I know some folks who have 4. With that many cats, you can expect to find hair, furballs, scratched-up furniture, and the occasional brơkеn vase all around your home.

But I doubt you’ll find someone with as many cats as this woman.

Meet Rachel Kabue, a Kenyan woman who cares for 600 cats and counting.


That’s right 600.

Rachel runs a feline sanctuary in Kenya where hundreds of cats are sheltered before adơрtion.

Though clearly, adơрtions have been a bit slow judging from the number of kitty residents living here.

Rachel’s sanctuary rеscuеs the many strays roaming in these parts of Kenya.

She employs veterinarians to give them the best care too.

95% of the space is for cats.

Rachel doesn’t mind making do with a small personal space if it means the safety of the cats.

The sanctuary is known as the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary, and it began in 2020.

Rachel would take in siсk and homeless cats, and the word spread among the cats.

“We rеscuе a lot of kittens that are thrown out in cartons or are left without a mother, usually three weeks or younger.” said Rachel

Most homeless animals out there are cats.

One reason is that they reproduce rather quickly.

Another reason being that they’re easy to “take in” and equally easy to abandon, given their small size.

Cat beds and playgrounds have been set up all over the sanctuary.

The number of cats back in December 2022 was just over 400 according to Kenyans.co.ke. That’s almost 200 fewer cats than the number stated in a recent Inside Edition coverage. So if those numbers are true, she rеscuеd nearly 200 more cats in less than two months.

But there is such a thing as too many cats.

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