Swееt bоy νisits nеighbоr’s ‘misundеrstооd’ оnе-еyеd сat еνеry day

Everyone has something about them that is unique; from freckles or birthmarks to the way they laugh.

Sometimes, differences can be perceived as scary, as was the case for one little feline.

Shortly after Ace the cat was rеscuеd as a kitten, an infection caused him to lose his eye and people began to be afraid of him. Ace may look a little rough around the edges, but he is a friendly and silly cat with a desire to be loved by all. Though some people remain afraid of him based solely on how he looks, one young boy feels totally the opposite.

Ace, who likеs to hang out on his front porch and watch the world go by, has a daily visitor he can’t wait to see. Norma Maikovitch, Ace’s owner, put up security cameras so she could be sure the cat was safe while outside, and soon she noticed a recurring guest on her property.

Every day, a young boy from the neighborhood comes to visit the friendly feline and shower him in love.

As soon as Ace sees the boy approach, he gets up from his perch and saunters over to his friend.

The boy, not wanting to encroach too much on his neighbor’s property, tries to tempt the cat closer to the sidewalk where he parked his bike. However, as anyone with a cat knows, they are extremely stubborn, and Ace flops down right at the top of his driveway.

The boy can’t resist the temptation of Ace’s furry belly, and he soon comes up to sit beside the cat. As soon as the boy sits down, Ace’s affection for him shows as he rolls and flops all over while receiving plenty of vigorous pats. Cats are usually very sensitive about who they show their belly to, as it is one of their most vulnerable places, but Ace knows this boy well enough to have no fear around him.

As he rolls around to make sure every single part of himself gets attention, he rolls right out of the boy’s reach. Once again showing his feline stubbornness, Ace waits patiently for the boy to get up and move closer to him again. The boy has to move multiple times due to the cat’s tendency to roll just out of reach.

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