Siх Kittеns Fоund withоut a Mоthеr Nоw Haνе Sоmеоnе tо Raisе Thеm AII Tоgеthеr.

Six kittens who were found without a mother, now have someone to raise them all together.

About a month ago, Chatons Orphelins Montreal received an urgent plea about six orphaned kittens needing rеscuе. The litter of six had been found without a cat mother and were brought into a shelter at three weeks old. They were siсkly, frail, and covered in fleas and dirt.

Marisa volunteered to pick them up from the shelter and transport them to the rеscuе hours away, so the kittens could receive round-the-clock care right away.

“They were very hungry when they arrived. A foster volunteer took them in and started feeding them around the clock,” Chatons Orphelins Montreal sharеd with Love Meow.

The kittens were given baths to remove all the pesky fleas. After getting cleaned, dried, and warmed up, they were fed, hydrated and looked after overnight.

The next day, the litter of six perked up with newfound energy, and their appetite also improved.

They were so content to wake up in a soft, warm nest, and switched on their tiny purr motors as they listened to the soothing voice of their foster mom.

“There are three boys and three girls, and they were underweight and had some stomach issues. After a trip to the vet’s, they were on the mend.”

For the first time in their lives, the kittens were able to sleep soundly in a comfortable, clean, heated bed layered with soft blankets. They no longer had to worry about where their next meal would come from.

The kittens cozied up in a puddle-cuddle the whole time as they continued to recuperate. They dove into a snooze-fest until their foster mom came in with their bottles. “They were fed one by one, every three hours. They latched onto the bottle immediately, and have been making good gains every day since,” the rеscuе told us.

With a demanding feeding schedule and six hungry babies to cater to, the kittens kept their foster mom very busy. She got up in the middle of the night to make sure all the babies had full bellies and never lacked an ounce of love.

“After each meal, the kittens would curl up together and fall asleep on their heated bed. It was a very sweet sight to behold.”

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