Cat Mоthеr Fоund Wandеring оn Snоwy Rоads is Sо Haρρy tо Haνе Hеr Kittеns Out оf thе CоId!

A cat who was found wandering on snowy roads, is so happy to have her kittens out of the cold.

About a month ago, Mellissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue (in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada), was notified about a cat running around outside in the snow. “I received a message from a fellow rеscuеr asking if I could take in a very pregnant cat from the streets,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

“At the time, we had extremely cold temperatures, lots of snow and ice on the ground. I saw one picture of her outside with her huge belly and I immediately said ‘yes.’ I knew I could provide a safe and warm space for the cat and her unborn babies.”

With the help of Jackie, Mellissa’s rеscuе colleague, the cat named Missy was brought to safety the next day.

“She was naturally terrified when she first arrived in my care. Everything was new and she had no idea what was happening.”

For the first few days, Mellissa would sit quietly in the room with the expectant cat mom, reassuring her that she was safe. With some cat treats and lots of patience, Missy began to trust.

Missy mustered the courage to step outside her comfort zone and explore the kitten room for the first time. She slowly warmed up to her human and started to feel comfortable in her new abode.

“I took things extremely slow and respected her boundaries by watching her body language. By day four I was able to gently pet her head which was a massive step for her,” Mellissa sharеd with Love Meow.

A few days later in the afternoon, Mellissa walked into the room to quite the surprise. Missy had two tiny furballs snugged comfortably by her side.

By the evening, there were five healthy kittens nursing ravenously on her belly. “I was extremely relieved that she and her newborns were in a safe and warm space. We rеscuеd her with barely any time to spare.”

From the start, Mama Missy was very protective and attentive to her litter of five. “She watched my hand really closely when I pet them, but I continued to watch her body language and respect her limits.”

With time, Missy was able to relax more and enjoy the indoor life. She even began to seek attention from Mellissa.

“She has made such incredible progress in a short amount of time! She now comes right up to me for full body pets (not just head pets likе before),” Mellissa told Love Meow.

“She enjoys being brushed, and has also started playing with toys when she’s taking a break from nursing her babies.”

At three weeks old, the kittens’ eyes are fully open and they are starting to wiggle around and play. Missy is keeping a watchful eye on them, and always ready to cater to their needs.

“It has been one of the most special transformations to witness! Her future is so bright because she will eventually be fully vetted and spayed, so she no longer has to worry about endless pregnancies and caring for kittens,” Mellissa sharеd.

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