Cat Walks Up to People and Asks Them to Take Him Home After Roaming Outside for Weeks

Earlier this month, Little Wanderers NYC, an animal rescue in New York, was contacted about a cat abandoned in an industrial parking lot in the Bronx. A kind worker came across the friendly stray one day and started feeding him.

He noticed the cat had a slight limp on his front left paw, and reached out to the rescue for help. “The cat was so sweet and so dirty. With a storm coming the next day, our rescuer couldn’t wait, and raced down to get him,” Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

Shortly after the rescuer arrived, she was greeted by a very chatty, friendly feline.

Little Wanderers NYC

The cat had a lot to say as he made his way to his human friend. He cried for her attention, followed her around the junkyard as if to ask her to take him home.

“We were told that he walked up to strangers, meowing, and actually asking for help. And he did exactly that to us.”

Little Wanderers NYC

The cat named Vinny made his way into a carrier and was off the streets at last. He was then transported to a local veterinary hospital to receive the medical attention that he needed.

Vinny had two old but healed fractures and a paw wound. He had been wandering outside for a few weeks, according to the workers at the junkyard.

Little Wanderers NYC

The friendly feline won over the hearts of the veterinary staff. He loved being petted and would flop on his side for back scratches and extra attention. He was thrilled to have toys to play with, especially those infused with catnip.

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