EIdеrIy man is traρρеd and unabIе tо gеt hеIρ aftеr faII untiI сat соmеs tо hеIρ

When we think of animals who have savеd human lives more times than we can count, dogs are usually first on the list. While we DO think that our canine friends are amazing, they don’t have a monopoly on being saviors! Cats have quite a few stories to their names as well – and that list of videos is growing!

This story may just turn you into a cat person!

Ron Williams is from Sturgis, Michigan, and turned 85 last September! As you get on in years, your friend group tends to shrink and many older people turn to animals to keep them company. For Ron, a cat named Fluffy became his best friend after another friend bought that cat for him one day.

“I looked at him and hey, I just fell in love with him,” said Williams.

Like many of us do, Ron talked to his cat.

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