Whеn Shе Entеrs thе Dооr оf a Hоmе ! Stray Cat Mоthеr Sо Haρρy Sо Hеr Kittеns Wоn’t Haνе tо Liνе оn Strееts!

A cat was so happy when she entered the door of a home, so her kittens wouldn’t have to live on the streets.

A black and white cat was found wandering the streets of Dundas (in Ontario, Canada) with a heavily pregnant belly. Good Samaritans came up to her and realized that she needed medical attention and a place to stay.

The cat had infected sores covering her chest and neck. She likеly had been abаndơnеd and nеglесted for some time. The finders took her into their home, nursed her back to health, and gave her a comfortable nest where she birthed five healthy kittens.

They reached out to their local rеscuе, Salty Animal Rescue, in hopes of getting the family of six the best chance at good homes.

The cat named Oreo was very friendly from the start. She was so glad to be indoors again after roaming the streets and having litter after litter.

“They will never need to live on the street again and will never add to the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in our community,” Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, cofounders of Salty Animal Rescue, sharеd with Love Meow.

Oreo gave her five demanding kittens undivided attention, and constantly filled the nursery room with her doting purrs. She was over the moon to have a safe home to raise her babies and couldn’t get enough of pets from her human friends.

“Mama Oreo is the most loving girl. She was always making sure her babies were cared for. We are so happy that her finders stepped in (just in time).”

Two weeks into foster care, the kittens had their eyes opened and were ready to find their feet by flailing their legs around. Mama Oreo continued to be the best mom, keeping her little ones well fed and immaculately clean.

Despite what she had gone through, Oreo never stopped being affectionate around people. She would seek attention from her foster parents and enjoy all the cuddles, soaking up the love.

“She was obsessed with Foster Dad Chris and was constantly purring and bunting.”

The kittens got upgraded to a nice, spacious suite where they were able to run around and create antics while honing their feline skiIIs. They quickly mastered the art of wrestling with each other and Oreo’t tail, keeping their mom on her toes.

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