Mama Cat Is Extremely happy To See Her Newborn Baby Again

Gisèle, a little cat, experienced a life-altering pregnancy.

Her family made the decision to leave the pregnant cat outside in the dead of winter since they didn’t want the babies. Fortunately, Gisèle’s 12-year-old sister heard the conversation and offered to assist.

A Montreal, Canada-based rescue organization called Chatons Orphelins Montréal said on Facebook that the woman was “extremely touched by this scenario and presumably distraught.” The young child cuddled the cat before going to knock on a neighbor’s door to seek for help.


The neighbor understood that the cat’s situation was urgent, and called a rescuer to bring Gisèle to an animal shelter. Days later, Gisèle gave birth to a healthy baby named Pruno.

“He was a very vocal little baby and clung to his pacifiers,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal said.


It seemed Gisèle and her baby were out of the woods, but a day later things took a turn for the worse. Gisèle stopped eating and was unable to care for Pruno, so the rescue workers rushed her to the vet clinic, where they discovered she had an infection.

As Gisèle recuperated from surgery, she missed her baby terribly, crying out for him. The rescue planned a reunion — and it turned out sweeter than anyone could’ve imagined.

They instantly knew one another when they saw one another, according to Chatons Orphelins Montréal. Gisèle began to softly lick him and was really kind to the man.

Gisèle and Pruno are currently living in a caring foster family where they are receiving all the love and care they could ask for. Gisèle is the finest cat mother Pruno could wish for since she is never happier than when she is with her child.

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