Homeless Cat Brings Her Babies To Meet The Woman Who Has Been Feeding Her

Shea Prior had been observing a stray cat pacing around her property for a few months. Although the cat was a bit evasive, one day he managed to get near enough for Shea to stroke her, give her food, and develop a pleasant bond with her.

She continued to feed the cat for a few days before noticing that it was producing milk, which indicated that she could be hiding kittens.

Shea stated to The Dodo:

I saw she had milk and was probably nursing several babies while I was scooping her up and patting her.

Facebook/Shea A Prior

Shea wanted to help the cat with her babies, but she had no idea where they may be, so she was both thrilled and concerned. Unaware of her, she asked the cat where the kittens were after looking all around her yard in vain.

Facebook/Shea A Prior

Shea stated on Facebook:

I started asking her to show me her children since I knew they were adorable.

The cat came coming for Shea the following day while she was watering the plants, and to her surprise, Shea wasn’t alone herself this time.

She rushed up to me and began to massage my leg while croaking incongruously. When she led me to my shed, I noticed a few furry small balls of fur staring at me. She collapsed on her side and began begging for them to come outside and look at me.

The cat introduced her babies to Shea because she had a lot of faith in her and believed that she would keep her family secure.

Facebook/Shea A Prior

The cat convinced the terrified kittens that there was nothing to worry about and that they should come out from hiding. The kittens eventually learned to trust one another and mustered the courage to emerge from their den and approach Shea.

Facebook/Shea A Prior

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