Her Eye Was Protruding When She Was Found In The Garbage, Today She Looks Like A Star Thanks To Love

Although it may sound harsh, it is well known that some people are capable of ignoring the suffering of others.

Even when their own lives are in danger, many people choose to cross the street in order to assist a stranger. Fortunately! Julieta De Agata, the kind woman who rescued the life of a cat in anguish, does not feel this way.

It appears that someone made the decision to get rid of the animal without considering the fact that his left eye was severely damaged. When the kitten first saw the cruelty of this world, she was only a few days old, but Juliet was there to save her.

The cat’s recuperation was not simple, but with a lot of love and care, she developed into the spoilt princess she is now. Julieta decided to write an emotional message on Facebook to raise awareness for the situation of her kitty after being affected by the tale Paloma shared with her.

This woman posted a series of pictures showing the incredible transformation her buddy had experienced and how brave she had been throughout this period.

“How much has transpired in such a short period of time! (…) Being among others has helped me to appreciate the importance of taking a glance back to notice how much has changed. Julieta said on her Facebook page, “This is my tale in a few pictures. You can see me here.

To everyone she knows and now the entire globe, this Spanish woman from Torrejón de Ardoz has set a wonderful example of humanity. She didn’t avoid a creature that need immediate assistance despite the challenges that the Covid-19 catastrophe has brought to everyone.

Paloma is currently recuperating and enjoying her owner’s companionship, but she is also well-known on Facebook.

Julieta often updates her social media account with information about the kitten’s development and all of her practical jokes.

I’ve had the good fortune to meet two mommies and two daddies up to this point. I’ve received plenty of love, but my real family is already waiting for me. They are taking care of me and treating me for it; I must fully recuperate before departing for my new life, Julieta wrote on Paloma’s behalf.

Without a sure, for her immense love and devotion, this woman deserves a standing ovation. She made the decision to intervene because she didn’t want to be one of the many people who passed by in the face of the cat’s suffering; for that, we applaud her.


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