The Adopted Rescue Cat Is Ecstatic And Won’t Stop Hugging His Mother

A cat that was saved from the streets is overjoyed to be able to find a mother for life. He showed her this by giving her a hug and licking her face when they first met, and he hasn’t stopped since.

The red-haired cat with Honeycake had a terrible beginning to his existence, but he overcame a particularly harsh act committed by his prior household. He and his younger siblings were thrown out of a moving car by their owner when they were kittens after being placed in a rubbish bag.

Thankfully, a kind stranger noticed what was occurring and intervened to save the kittens by scooping them up and bringing them to a nearby shelter.


The kittens were transported to a shelter, but there was a deadline for adoption before they would be put down. When the kitten’s situation was discovered, Michigan Cat Rescue, a nearby cat rescue organization, made the decision to save him and offer him a second shot.

He was taken to their facilities, where they started the search for Honeycake the ideal home, for whom he was really thankful.

The stunning redhead eagerly awaited the perfect someone who would decide to adopt him and provide him with a better life every day.


The long-awaited nurse Renee who met the adorable Honeycake finally showed up after a few months in the shelter. The woman quickly chose to take the cat home after realizing it was the perfect animal for her.


In an apparent attempt to express her gratitude, Honeycake made the decision to cuddle up next to her, give her a big hug, and kiss her face all over.

The crew of Michigan Cat Rescue posted on Facebook:

Today, Honeycake starts a new chapter of her life with Renee. She is an extremely kind woman, and she promised Honeycake (now Finnegan) nothing but love and kisses moving forward.

Renee fell over over heels in love with the kitten as he sat in her arms and refused to let her go. He had picked her to be her human. Finnegan and Renee have now been together for more than four years, and they continue to live happily ever after.

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