Couple Gets Stuck In Mexico For A Year Because They Won’t Leave Without Their Rescued Kitten

Some individuals opt to quit their jobs, sell or rent their homes, pack their belongings, and embark on a round-the-world tour with their spouses, children, and pets, like one British couple did when they decided to travel across the stunning landscapes of North America.

They’ve been traveling for two years, but it’s a gorgeous cat they rescued along the route that makes this story truly unique. They can’t picture her life without her beloved Aimee, and have decided to spend a year in Mexico to avoid leaving her.

Lee Hodges and Willow Rolfe are a couple of teachers who started their adventure across North America in their rebuilt VW truck in August 2019.


They had been planning the journey for several years and had purchased a beat-up vehicle in 2015 to restore.


Willow was a motor vehicle instructor at a mechanic school at the time, and she spent two years repairing and rebuilding the truck.

According to Bored Panda, when travelling through Washington DC, they decided to adopt a small cat they had found on the streets and who quickly became a member of their family.

They felt compelled to help a homeless animal because they already had two cats at home, which they adore, so they adopted Aimee and have been traveling with her ever since.

Their lovely Aimee, they joke, travels better than most people; her life has entirely transformed.

The kitten has also been taught to walk on a leash so she may join her parents on their outside activities.

After a lengthy trip throughout the United States, the couple decided to take their kitty to Mexico in quest of new adventures.

Unfortunately, Aimee was attacked by a pack of dogs and suffered a broken leg as a result of the tragedy. Despite this, her trio’s restlessness did not abate, and they went on after waiting for her kitten to get up.

The couple intended to travel to the UK before the epidemic began, but they didn’t want to leave Aimee behind.

Mexico was immobilized by the epidemic, and many of its tourist sites had to close in order to comply with the government’s mandated isolation. As a result, the team of explorers has had to deal with enraged villagers and health officials as they go from one location to the next.

The family is keen to cross the Atlantic, but their dependable VW vehicle recently broke down, leaving them stuck in Mexico.


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