Since Being Rescued, The Homeless Cat Has Not Stopped Giving Everyone A Hug

A sweet kitty named McCheeks, who is about two years old, was plucked off the streets by the Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles.

With his adorable nature, this small cat, who was given his name in honor of his cheeks, has won over everyone. When McCheeks joined the group, one of the members, Diana Barber, met him and quickly informed Samantha Bell, another employee who has a strong affinity for stray cats, about his presence.

He was meowing at me and scratching the bars when I approached his cage.

Best Friends Animal Society

McCheeks instantly clung to Samantha’s face and began purring as she opened the cage.

Sampson said:

He had more than simply a lovely face; he was also quite compassionate.

The cute kitten’s expression was filled with joy; he is very sociable, trustworthy, carefree, and most importantly, nice.

Sampson said:

“He melts in your arms and gives you a hug back when you lift him up.”

When the other cats were being fed, McCheeks would cry and if no one paid attention, he would meow until someone did. He rapidly adjusted to the shelter and tried his best to win everyone’s attention.

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