Shelter Throws A Party For A 19-Year-Old Cat To Help Him Get Adopted

In order to help a 19-year-old cat in their care find the house of his dreams, the workers of an animal shelter in Ohio attracted a lot of online attention by planning an amazing party to honor his birthday.

The best part is that a social media celebration like this one, when the senior cat was given the finest present, became a platform for advertising.

Several individuals made the decision to offer to adopt him and give him a forever home after thousands of people read the post on the shelter’s Facebook page.


The elder cat, Sammy, was abandoned in this location and arrived to the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter after suffering through a really terrible circumstance. He lived in a loving household for many years, but when his owner had to enter a nursing facility, he was unable to take his cherished cat with him.

Because of this, the personnel at the shelter was aware of all of his details, including the fact that his 19th birthday was on June 15.

Sammy has always been known for being quite nice; he enjoys cuddles and hugs; he is very interested and pays attention to everything that takes place. He is undoubtedly a very easygoing and pleasant boy who enjoys spending time with his carers and taking naps on their laps.

Since he first came to the shelter, he garnered everyone’s affection, so when the staff learned that it was his birthday, they made the occasion memorable for him.

Sammy’s birthday was a chance for him to be adopted, and the shelter staff wanted it to be a day he would never forget.

Posted by the shelter on Facebook:

“Happy birthday to this handsome boy who would want to spend his golden years in a wonderful, peaceful residence!”

A collection of pictures from Sammy’s huge birthday celebration with his human companions were posted along with the article. Additionally, you could see all the party preparations and how content she was to be the center of attention while posing with a lovely hat.

Even though not all of the neighborhood’s cats were able to attend Sammy’s fantastic party, the most important thing was that he had a good time.

Ad – Ray Anderson, a representative at the facility, stated to HuffPost:

I can honestly say that I enjoyed all the attention today. He is a really good cat, as seen by the amazing cap he is wearing right now.


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