Pilot Flies With More Than 50 Rescued Cats And Takes Them To Their Forever Homes

Pilot Michael Schneider recently prepped his jet for one of the most memorable journeys of his career, delivering more than 50 rescued cats with the non-profit organization Pilots to the Rescue, which he created in 2015 to aid thousands of animals in need.

Michael founded the charity to combine his two greatest hobbies, aviation and animal rescue, according to People. Many of his continuing rescue flights are flown by volunteer pilots, and many of his Pilots to the Rescue missions are flown by volunteer pilots.

They usually transfer animals from overcrowded shelters that might otherwise be killed. As a result, the group securely transports them to other shelters with enough room and resources to give these creatures a second opportunity.


Michael recently flew with 51 feline passengers on an extraordinary adventure. He flew from New Jersey to North Carolina, where he picked up scores of cats from the Carolina Cat Rescue organization.

Michael was welcomed by volunteers from the North Carolina Rescue Center, who gave over the 51 rescued animals. Before being saved by Carolina Cat Rescue, the majority of the kittens had a terrible life on the streets.


Michael was on his way to Connecticut as soon as he had carefully loaded all 51 kittens on the plane in North Carolina. The felines’ rough start was now behind them, and everyone hoped that they would have a good life ahead of them.

The kitties were greeted by volunteers from numerous New England shelters when they arrived in Connecticut. The kittens will be cared for in these foster homes until they can find a permanent home.


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