This Adorable Homeless Cat Approaches Her Chosen Family And Asks For Their Help With Her Newborn Kittens

A tabby cat was spotted prowling between residences close to a subdivision in Southern California.

The stray cat visited a family’s garden to get some food and drink, and she kept going back often. Her family members attempted to help her and gave her some food whenever they spotted her hanging about since they perceived her as being alone and lacking a home.

The cat eventually contacted the family during one of her visits, asking for assistance. When they noticed that she was relatively frail, they quickly realized that she had recently given birth.

“She asked for assistance from individuals soon after they delivered their baby. The kind individuals cleaned up the mother and her little children before going to buy a heating pad for the infants.

Jen was quick to accept assistance when she read a social media post requesting aid for the feline family.

Volunteer reports:

The infants were one day old when I picked them up the next day. The kittens were just tiny peanuts when they initially came. Mom appeared nice, adorable, and purring right away. She’s such a sweet doll.


The mother cat, known as Queen Bee, appeared to be one year old and was ecstatic to be with her kittens once again, secure and warm inside a house. She purred contentedly as she climbed into her new, cozy bed.

Queen Bee was a devoted mother who always watched care for her young and made sure their stomachs were filled.


One of the kittens unfortunately did not survive despite Jen’s care and all the love and devotion of Queen Bee, but Jen says that he was surrounded by a lot of affection. The other kittens got bigger, stronger, and more curious about everything around them. They were ready to get outside and discover their surroundings.

Jen claims:

“Mom is raising her children very well. She is filling up quickly so that she can feed these small ones.

Jen stated:

As the kids were a bit older, she began to come out of the nest to greet me. She enjoys rubbing up against me and spinning around my legs. She is such a good girl that when she is adopted, she will make someone very happy.


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