Meet The Thai Furball Cat Who Won Everyone’s Heart With Her Eye-Catching Face

Meet Cat, the mustachioed hairball from Thailand with the unique two-faced face. Her two-toned face is probably the result of genetic chimerism, a rare natural phenomenon in which a single creature is made up of cells with different genotypes.

People are fascinated by the cat’s unique appearance and want to learn more about this cute cat. So Bored Panda contacted Eve, the owner in northeast Thailand, to find out more about Cat.

“The kitten was born on August 23, 2018 and is now one year and nine months old. She’s half Persian and half Scottish.” Eve explained, but the most striking thing is the kitten’s gray and white nose. “She reminds me of Harvey Dent from Batman.” the owner added.

When her owner told her about this unusual name, she said that cats call themselves cat. He likеs using toilet paper and catching insects. That’s why Eva has to hide the toilet paper, because it drives her crazy.

Eva added that if Cat could talk, she would probably say: ,,Damn, send me some toilet paper if you really love me”!

Take notes, everyone!


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