Sad shelter cat is completely ‘unrecognizable’ in his new home

Cats are not thought to be as expressive as dogs, but we found one cat that proved to be the exception.

Five-year-old rescue cat Fishtopher is one of those rare cats that wore his feelings on his sleeve, or in this case, his face.

He was found as a stray in New Jersey and was living in Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center.

Although the staff at the adoption center were taking care of him well, he wasn’t a happy cat at the center.

To help Fishtopher find his forever home, the staff created a Petfinder account for Fishtopher.

Petfinder is an online database of animals who need homes. People looking for pets can look for a pet that matches them and their needs.

The searchable database also has a pet-care resource directory, discussion forms, and a free library o pet-care articles.

His profile described him as “very sad and depressed, and will only eat when he has company.”

They also said that Fishtopher is a “sweet, easy-going, and laid-back boy.” His profile also shared that he loves cuddling and fit best in a more quiet home.

The most striking sections about his Petfinder profile were Fishtopher’s photos.

He looked so sad and pitiful in the photos. Anyone could see how Fishtopher was feeling and his expression gave away exactly how he felt when his photos were being taken.

Soon after his profile was posted on Petfinder, Twitter user Molly Clarke shared a screenshot of the description, including Fishtopher’s photo.

The tweet instantly went viral, thanks to Fishtopher’s photos.

After the viral tweetl, Homeward Bound received hundreds of inquiries about adopting Fishtopher. People even lined up outside their office waiting the opportunity to adopt Fishtopher.

When Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan saw the tweet, they decided they wanted Fishtopher wanted to be part of their family.

They made the two-hour drive to the shelter and soon Fishtopher was theirs.

His new owners immediately showed him affection the minute they got him.

Even during the ride home, they could already see a change in his behavior and attitude.

Fishtopher’s ears perked up, unlike his earlier flattened ears. His eyes became brighter and he became open to receiving affection from his new parents.

Check out a cute video of Fishtopher below!

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