A stray cat chooses a human in a park and refuses to let him go.

While Kawasaki Hina was returning home via a nearby park, a cat raced to him. The cat’s decision to follow Hina was unknown, but before he realized it, he was returning to his home with the small object in a box.

Back at my residence, she passed out right away, said Hina. “To me, she is likе a family. She may be in love with me too. We will be partners forever, he continued. Vell was the kitten’s then-name. She is currently a lovely 3-year-old cat.

The two appear to be quite close. Hina would be kept company while doing housekeeping by Vell, who would accompany him around the home at all times.

Not even unexpected, am I right? She has been doing this from the beginning, at least! How adorable!

A kitten ran to Kawasaki Hina while he was going home through a local park.

Credit: Hina

It was unclear why the cat chose to follow Hina…

Credit: Hina

…but he was carrying the little thing in a box back to his place before he even knew it.

Credit: Hina

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