Rescues 3-month-old kitten stuck in glue trap at Tampines wet market

A grey kitten was tragically found stuck in a glue trap in Tampines.

The video, which lasted four seconds, showed the kitten covered in black adhesive, unable to move its body. The kitten which was only three months old, was rescued by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

It was subsequently attended to by a vet.

According to Chai, the kitten was cleaned three times but it was “still in need for more shower” as its fur was still sticky. The kitten was also on antibiotics and would be vaccinated soon, before being put up for adoption.

“She is a bit skinny so now [SPCA] are on a mission to make her gain some weight,” Chai stated. Found at Tampines wet market In her Facebook post, Chai said that that the kitten was found at a wet market in Tampines Street 81.

The kitten was stuck for seven hours before it was rescued. The glue trap was apparently meant to catch wandering rats at the market.

“The rats infestation issue at this market is [an] ongoing problem, one rat scurried past as we were attending to the kitten,” Chai stated. Animal welfare groups Acres and SPCA have been calling for a ban on glue traps for years. While glue traps are easy and cheap to use, and they are usually meant to remove rats, other animals fall victim to them too. This is not the first time that a community cat got stuck onto a glue trap.

Acres also highlighted that glue traps are indiscriminate, cruel and do not tackle the root of the problem.

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