Lilo the Kitten Launches Surprise” Crab Walk “Attacks On Camera Go Viral

Adorable French kitten Lilo arrived in her new home in October 2022 and immediately went a little crazy in the best way possible. She looks like an anime character in black and white, with endearingly weird and mischievous antics to match.

She’s the purrfect kitty for her mama, who named her after her love of Disney films. So it’s little surprise the kitten has a Stitch stuffed toy, which is her boyfriend. But don’t let this cute scene below fool ya. She’s a wild child!

Lilo is 9.5 On the Crazy Bonkers Scale

On a scale of 1-10, Lilo’s humans rate the kitten a 9.5 on the crazy bonkers scale. While she can sometimes have calm, cuddly moments, it’s the “calm before the storm,” they share on   While she often looks scared, they say she’s just “crazyyyy,” with big wide eyes.

Tiny But Mighty

Lilo was tiny but mighty from the beginning, surprise attacking the camera. She has such a comical expression and tries to look big and tough, like a tiny lion. Her humans started calling it the “bite of the lion” when she jumped at the camera. While she attacks, she makes the cutest sounds, giving away that it’s all just playful silliness. Yes, cats have an amewsing sense of humor, don’t they?

Lilo and Her Trademark Crab Walk

Lilo loves jumping, doing parkour on the furniture, splashing in the shower and chasing her tail. She’s often seen arching her back while doing the coveted and generally Everyone LOVES that rare and extremely silly moment when kittens try to puff up and look big and tough. Still, for this tiny lion, it’s a regular thing, one that has continued as she’s grown.

It seems Lilo loves to amuse her humans, who audibly laugh at her silliness. Maybe that’s reward enough to reinforce her behavior?

She loves to spring across the sofa in a comical surprise attack, all while doing the crab walk. Sometimes, she’ll launch a silly attack when she senses her humans are

The Bite of The Lion

In a viral video, a younger Lilo does her trademark surprise attack/crab walk with funny audio. She has the eye of the tiger, and the bite of the lion.

“What did I say, huh? What did I say? I told you no touchy, touchy, now you suffer the bite of the lion!”

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