Cat Owner Shares Breathtaking Photos Of Her Maine Coon, And It’s Crazy How Big It Is

Cats are beautiful animals, with their unique facial traits and mellow, fluid body and limb. However, one of the most charming traits of cats is their lustrous, sleek fur.

Fur can vary in color, pattern, and length also. These hair coats can protect felines from the cold in winter, and the heat from the sun in summer. It also functions as an aggression display, which usually raises when they are threatened or frightened. Otherwise, it is a feature that exhibits the beauty of your cat.

Maine Coon cat is a cat breed that is blessed with a long, fluffy coat that looks like they come out of a fairytale. Being one of the biggest cat species only adds to the majesty of its existence. One of the most famous Maine Coon on Instagram is Lotus, photos of him lounging on the couch with his white fur would make us remind of a Scandinavian goddess!

Lotus is an average-sized Maine Coon cat. He is 5 years old, and he weights just over 10kg (about 22 pounds)

Lotus lives with his family in Sweden, and he spends most of his time relaxing in the house and taking naps on the balcony and the couch – his two favorite places in the house. He loves cuddling with his family members.

Lotus also enjoys exploring the world outside with his family. He is excited whenever his family goes for a walk in the forest. His thick, white coat keeps him warm in the harsh, freezing weather of Scandinavian lands. The snow-white fur also perfectly matches the snow.

Lotus’s walk in the fall was captured beautifully

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