Everyone Else Turned Down a Cat with Four Ears, But He Finally Found His Forever Home

Meet Yoda, a two-year-old domestic cat that was born with four ears but otherwise looks to be in good condition and has great hearing.

Valerie and her husband adopted Yoda two years ago after meeting him at a pub near their Chicago home. When the couple first saw Yoda, they fell in love with him. They soon requested the owner to adopt the cat, which they called Yoda after the Star Wars pointy-eared Jedi hero.

Valerie chose to have Yoda checked out at the neighborhood vet after he was officially their newest family member. His unusual look puzzled the vet. He’d never heard of a cat with four ears before.

Yoda’s additional ears are thought to have been caused by a genetic abnormality. It does not, however, harm or hinder him. His hearing is okay since his extra small pair of ears is independent from the base of his head.

Despite his odd appearance, he is a totally typical loving and curious cat that is a delight to be around. He is not afraid of anything and, unlike some of the other cats in the home, is quite social.

Credit: WeLoveCatsa

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