The 29 Year Old Cat Who Was Adopted Decades Ago Has Become The Family’s Most Faithful Pet

Margo Margopovna, a 29-year-old cat that was formerly in their house for overexposure, located her people 20 years ago. Emu La, who was 12 at the time, was immediately fascinated with the adorable animal.

Before they met, the cat had spent 9 years with a restaurant owner, and when she couldn’t keep her in her apartment any longer, the employee, Emu’s mother, volunteered to assist.

“Margo was taken as a “let her sưrvivе till a better place is found” by my mother. “Margot was welcomed within our family right away,” Emu adds. – At the time, I was 12 years old.

Margo made friends with other furries and met quite a few people along the way, and also discovered that she likеs to always be in the center of attention. “Suddenly she was in a place where she could make as many friends as she wanted.”

The new owners inquired of the previous owner, Margot, about the animal’s age. Emu says, “She stated she received Margo in 1991, when the cat was less than a year old.” “I selected March 13th as my birthday, and we began counting down the years.”

Margot grew close to all of her new acquaintances, but she fell in love with Ema the most. “Margo relocated with me when I was 18 years old. She picked me as her guardian from among my mother’s three siblings.”

“She has always been extraordinarily kind, affectionate, and brilliant.” “For 20 years, I slept with her in my arms every night,” Emu recounts.

“She is really adept at communicating her desires to me. He enjoys playing, but he never hunts. She enjoys sitting on the back porch or in the yard, lying in the grass, and soaking up the sun. I also put catnip outside the back door for her to the scent while she was there.”

Margot has always been a lighthouse for those around her. She seeks attention from everyone, two-legged or fluffy, regardless of who is in front of her.

“Her age isn’t the most striking feature of her personality. Emu describes her as having a “wonderful spirit” and “great character.”

“The main goal is to make the last time of her life as comfortable and pleasant as possible. There are problems in her body that cannot be fixed, you can only alleviate the symptoms, says Emu. “And one day, as soon as I watch carefully and sensitively, she herself will tell me when she is ready to leave.”

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