Тhe Кitten Was Аbandoned Until А Сat Аdopted Нim Into Нer Family

A cat with needy kittens was brought in a few weeks ago by animal rights activists from Best Friends Felines.

According to Nikki from Best Friends Felines, “Eleni (the cat) was quite fearful of humans when she first came to us, but it only lasted a couple of days, and she changed into a purr.”

A kind mother freed herself and let her four darling children’s guardians to help. She immediately begins to purr as soon as we pet her. She has a high level of trust.

Around this time, a small four-week-old loner named Flavian came to the animal rights activists, yearning for motherly love.

“He was found all alone and taken to the veterinary clinic,” says Nikki. The veterinarians noted his extreme thinness. Threw a cry for those who want to help the baby. We thought that we should take a kitten only if Eleni accepts him – so, he would have a mother and brothers who are the same age.

Eleni saw the lonely cat the moment they met. She approached him, gave him a couple quick sniffs, then gave him a gentle lick.

Nikki reports that “Eleni accepted Flavian instantaneously, started to lick him just a second of

In the blink of an eye, Flavian became an integral part of the family. He reached out to his new mother, wrapped his paws around her, falling asleep, and followed her on her heels wherever she went.

And dear Eleni seemed to know what the kitten needed, and generously gave him love. “From his first appearance, Eleni paid more attention to him than to her own children, as if she made up for the washes and hugs he missed.”

A group of four kittens quickly warmed up to their new sibling and started to run around the room chasing and fighting one another.

“Eleni, who also takes care of him, accepts him entirely; he plays and sleeps with the new brothers and cuddles up to her. When Eleni feeds her other sons, Flavian typically plays with his mother or simply gives her a hug because he is old enough to eat on his own and is not interested in mother’s milk.

Flavian is one week older than Eleni’s kittens, he has the role of an older brother – he leads the whole team by his example. Shortly after he learned to use the litter box and demonstrated it, the rest of the kittens rushed to try it too.

Thanks to the support and care of the guardians, as well as the sea of ​​love, the kittens began to eat on their own and diligently crush their dinners. They gain weight and become stronger.

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