Mееt сhаtа, Thе аdơrаblе Mưnсhkin Kittеn Thаt’s Gơing Virаl ơn Instаgrаm Fơr His Hilаriơưs Slееping Hаbits

Munchkin kittens are already adorable, but this little guy is taking it even further.

Chata is a little calico Munchkin kitten and his preferred sleeping position is so ridiculously cute that he’s taken the internet by storm.

Chata likеs to sleep flat on his back, which makes him look slightly human, or resemble one of the most popular cartoon dogs, Snoopy.

Lying down or sitting up, Chata is always sweeter than sugar and we just can’t get enough of him.

Chata’s owner posts beautiful pictures of Chata under the Instagaram handle chavata2023 and we’ve collected our favourites down below.

Chata may have the biggest eyes we’ve ever seen on such a tiny kitten.


Chata likеs to sleep straight as a plank, flat on his back.

He is Japanese and has a sister called Chava.

There’s something very human about Chata when he sleeps on his back.

The effect is even stronger when you add a little blanket.

He looks so relaxed.

All we want to do is to pet that fluffy belly.

Chata must be really happy and comfortable in his home to be able to sleep so soundly.

Source: onegreatlifestyle.com

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