Тhe Сat Doesn’t Let Нer Оne Аnd Оnly Кitten Go For Еven А Single Step Аnd Imagines Тhe Ideal Нousehold For The Two Of Them

Earlier this year, a three-year-old cat was brought to the New York Zoo. Pregnant, she really needed help. Shelter staff contacted animal rights activists Little Wanderers NYC .

Megan and Tyrone, volunteers from Little Wanderers, went to pick up the cat. “Someone who found her on the street gave her up to a shelter. But there she, pregnant at a later date, was very uncomfortable,” the activists say.

“We hurried to pick her up so that she would not give birth in an uncomfortable environment.”

That same evening, the black-and-white kitty came to overexposure. Quickly looking around, she approached the owners of the house and began to fawn. The cat, named Penelope, turned out to be very loving. She was lucky to be in a safe and quiet place, in honor of which she purred non-stop.

“Penelope was healthy, open and happy with her housewarming,” the rescuers add.

Two kittens were born to her a few weeks later. Sadly, one of them did not survive very long. Apple, the baby who had survived, drank his mother’s milk as vigorously as he could in an effort to develop into a big, robust adult.

Though he was still quite small, he had already displayed a strong military mentality.

Adoptive mother Mary provided mother and son with excellent sanatorium conditions – everything for relaxation, comfort and pleasure. Nothing in the world could disturb them.

Penelope had plenty of food and lots of soft blankets at her disposal. She never left her precious child, taking care of him in the best possible way, like an ideal mother.

When she forgot to eat, devoting time to the only crumb, Mary brought her food. After a few weeks, Apple noticeably waved. And he began to show his character as soon as he learned to play and run.

When the striped boy began to leave the nest in search of adventure, Penelope watched his every move. She cooed, calling him back, and washed up after every game session. Mommy Penelope’s obligatory baths are impossible to evade.

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