Strаy Kittеn with аdơrаblе Yơdа еаrs is vеry hаppy tơ finаlly fееl lơvеd

Absolutely beautiful kitty with awesome ears!!!

What a beautiful little kitty! His uniqueness makes him so adorable.

Take a look at this kitty… it was found roaming the streets and cr.ying until a good-hearted woman brought it to a shelter.

A quick ve.t exam showed that the po.or [ suf.fered] from a neck [wo.und] and upper [respiratory]. The cat was then sent to the Cabarrus Animal Hos.pital for tre.atment where she stole the heart of the staff.

As you can see, this sweet girl is pretty unique. Her ears are one well, two of a kind. She’s very affectionate and quite possibly around a year old. Apart from her unique ears, she’s also smaller than your typical one-year-old cat.

Always wondered what happened to this kitty. So adorable!

The cute cat often sticks her tongue out because a row of her teeth are missing. And, while someone will look at all of this as a disadvantage, her features add to the cuteness.
Thanks to her ears, she has been called Yoda cat by the shelter staff.

Love her little face right down to her tongue sticking out.

Yoda loves company and being cuddled. She is shy at first, but loves nothing more than to cuddle and sleep in the lap of the staff. Once fully recovered, the Yoda cat will be up for adơрtion.

Hope the cat has found happy loving home, very cute.

You are a cutie and you’re special and loveable.

Praying that he does not have to wait too long to go to his forever home and get the care and love. he deserves.

God bless you sweetie.

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