Kittens who immediately get acquainted have a special relationship.

Two young kittens that were discovered together on the side of the road, allegedly because their mother had abandoned them, helped one another to advance and so improved in life.

The little animals continued going until they were saved despite being just a day old and starving. Fortunately, a good-hearted passerby picked them up and quickly contacted a nearby animal sanctuary for help.

Sarah Kelly took care of the little ones and began to provide special care and feed them every two hours throughout the day.

After being carefully cleaned and fed, the kittens, named Soleil and Luna, curled up in the incubator and took a well-deserved rest. Although the sisters were very small, you could tell that they had an incredible will to live and fought with all their might to survive.

Without breast milk, Luna, who is often quite susceptible to disease, got an eye infection that required daily medical care to manage. During her rehabilitation, Soleil acted as her guardian.

When Luna was treated, her sister would put her body on top of her or ride her leg, as if trying to tell her that everything was okay. Since they arrived at the animal shelter, the two sisters had been together, they were inseparable, and they knew that if they joined forces they could overcome any adversity.

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