Running away from the cars on the street, he jumps into an’s ar, where his life hangs in the balance forever.

Dan from Aspen Hill Exxon (in Maryland) was on his way to a bank that was housed in a mall about a month ago when he was forced to halt by an unexpected meeting.

“As I was walking through a shrub, I heard a soft “meow. I noticed a cat when I glanced under the Acura, says Dan.

Dan, an admirer of animals and the happy owner of two cats, was unable to go without examining the tiny stray. Until she heard Dan’s voice, the girl with the grey stripes hid behind the car.

The fact that she rushed outside and leaped into my arms when I called her caught me off guard the most.

The warm embrace of a new acquaintance delighted Dan. He looked around, expecting to see other kittens or someone who had lost a pet, but found none.

There was a veterinary clinic nearby, where Dan went with the kitten to check the microchip. “No one there could help (since the kitten didn’t have a chip), but they gave a bowl of food,” Dan shares.

Dan brought the cat with him when he returned to the car repair business that day. She entered the room and the faces of her coworkers immediately shone.

We created a little nest, filled it with food and water, and utilized an empty oil filter in place of a pan, according to Dan. Everyone in the store that day, especially my coworkers, was in love.

The little girl followed Dan around the office like a little checker, offering a paw of help here and there, fawning. The man, meanwhile, tried to find her owner through social networks. “Some days at work are better than others; this little beauty is with me today. She found me at the bank.”

After work, Dan took the kitten home to rest in comfort and eat delicious treats. All the way the girl sat on his arm and was very glad that she would never have to wander the streets again.

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