When another person adopts the kitten, she begins to survive.

A sweet kitten begins to thrive after being found wandering alone on the cold streets of Canada, but what really cheered her up was the care provided by another cat who became her protector.

The little kitten was wandering the streets alone when they saw her, so they picked her up to take her to an animal shelter in Montreal. It was too obvious that little Ella needed to be rescued urgently, because at that moment she was just skin and bones, and she cried nonstop.

Shelter volunteers approached various rescue centers hoping to find a good foster home for the little girl.

Eventually, Chatons Orphelins Montréal consented to transport her to their facility securely and to provide her all the attention she required. Little Ellie needed to develop and recover a lot, so a volunteer foster parent took her to their house so he could care for her.

Little Ellie’s mission in her cozy new home was to eat well and develop, but what she really wanted was companionship.

She broke down in tears every time she was left alone and craved the presence of her caregiver so that she could feel secure.

Employees at the center reported:

She was quite little and vulnerable; her foster family watched after her carefully. They saw to it that she gained weight every day and gave her supplemental feeding all the time.

As Ellie recovered, she let her caretakers know that she needed a companion at all times, as she never wanted to be alone again. In a short time, with the help of antibiotics, nutritious food, special care and above all a lot of love, the kitten made a full recovery.

The shelter said:

“She became very curious and had the strength to walk and explore, she likes to put her paws on us when we take care of her.”

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