Hugs itten discovered in a field Young and insists on remaining with him

Malia, a resident of New York, was to Co-Op City Field in the Bronx to take in a baseball game that her son was playing in. She listened to several happy individuals who had discovered a litter of kittens in a field.

The kittens were filthy, exceedingly underweight, and in need of assistance immediately. They were given to Sunny by Malia so that she could save them. “She and her husband hurried me to the tiny ones,” Sunny said. They were all bottle-fed by my son (CJ Sung) and I after we took them.

The kittens appeared to be about 3 weeks old and still needed 24-hour care. They took a bit of strength from the first day and quickly one of them began to stand out. She was really attached to the boy and she didn’t like being pushed away from his lap, she clung to him tightly.

Suny tells:

“Chimera automatically grabbed CJ and hissed at me and my oldest son, even though I was carrying the bottle.”

The little kittens were passing through and as soon as they recovered they would find a home for them, but CJ fell completely in love with the little girl from the first moment and asked her mother to adopt her.

Sunni added:

I like it. She is my kitty. He fell in love with her and begged me to stay with her. He called her Chimera .

The kittens were quite lively and playful after they had recovered. Chimera liked these activities, but she always rushed to embrace and cuddle her favorite person. She looked to be in charge of feline mischief and was constantly getting into trouble, yet when she was by CJ alone, she appeared to be at ease.

As the weeks passed, the cats were fully recovered, happy and mischievous. Chimera really felt very comfortable.

Sunny adds:

“She’s a troublemaker and likes to get into places she shouldn’t. She is very smart and she knows who to turn to when she gets into trouble.’

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