A two-year-old boy decided to adopt kittens because he adores them.

Two-year-old boy Sam has helped his family raise 17 kittens, and he takes his mission very seriously.

Six months ago Lacey from California started bringing kittens home to help them grow up. This good deed was inspired by a friend from work.

“My parents raised me and my sisters in love with their smaller brothers, we always had a lot of them at home. I want my children to get the same invaluable experience of friendship with animals. I already had one cat, but that didn’t seem enough to me,” says Lacey, Sam’s mom.

On June 1, Lacey received her first litter of stray kittens through California’s Cat House On the Kings . The kittens were already a little grown up and needed socialization.

“This decision has become one of the best in my life!”

2-year-old Sam was ecstatic to see the visitors. His eyes glowed. He must have recognized that the small replicas of our pet, a giant red cat, were in front of him. He carefully observed how we set up everything so the kittens might live comfortably.

The youngster made a kind and welcoming gesture toward his mother by extending his small finger to pat the cub’s warm furry barrel.

“He definitely wanted to provide help and support. I think it’s just great! Love for animals lives in the heart of a child from birth, but this feeling must be developed and nurtured,” Lacey insists.

Since that day, caring for babies has become a regular family practice, which is shared with pleasure by all household members.

“Every time we get new babies, Sam happily looks at them and calls: “Kitty, hello, little kittens, you are my good ones,” and then reaches out to stroke the fur. As they get closer, he says, “They love me, they love me!”

“He grabs a blanket in one hand, a kitten in the other, and sits down in a chair. He also often lets them get under his shirt.”

He surrounded his little brother with love and care.

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