A homeless kitten spent the night on a woman’s doorstep and begged for assistance.

Little Nuggie didn’t have a family of her own. The 6-week-old kitten traveled near and far, searching for someone to love and care for her.

Then one day, as she felt too tired and hungry to go on, she stumbled into the exact right person’s life and decided she should be the one to help her — and she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Nuggie called out for assistance on the day she was saved by perching herself against the friendly stranger’s windowpane. She cried for a little while longer when nobody helped her. The homeowner noticed her and brought her inside to keep her safe until a nearby rescue could take over, thus eventually Nuggie’s plan paid off.

Detroit Community Cat Rescue’s May Walsh said that a resident of the city called them about a little cat that was less than a pound and was on their porch. We simply couldn’t refuse after seeing a photo from them.

May and her team jumped into action to bring Nuggie into their care. And, though she had a few minor health issues to start, things are looking up.

“She’s healthy and happy,” May said. “She loves to play just a little more than she likes to cuddle, but she’s still so sweet. She reminds us of a cricket because she jumps around. Her whiskers are longer than her body, so she sometimes trips over them!”

The energetic kitty is currently searching for her forever home, where she will never again be alone.

May said, “Nuggie brought so much joy into my life and the shelter. She exemplifies why both humans and pets may benefit from rescue.

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