Seeing Rescuers Аfter Вeing Тrapped For Тwo Weeks Аt А Нeight Оf 75 Feet Мakes А Сat Very Нappy

Clyde didn’t mean for things to end up this way. But when the indoor cat got spooked, he ran outside before he could think of what to do next. In unfamiliar surroundings, the tabby darted for safety, and ended up somewhere he never expected — at the top of a 75-foot fir tree.

Luckily for Clyde, a trained tree climber knew exactly how to help.

Tom Otto, an employee of Cat Canopy Rescue, a non-profit organization in western Washington State that helps to rescue cats from trees, noticed Clyde’s feeble calls coming from the enormous Douglas fir. Otto could feel the friendly cat’s relief when he finally saw his face.

Otto remarked, “He seemed really, really delighted to see me.”

About two weeks after Clyde went missing, his distraught family learned where he had disappeared. Clyde was soon in their arms after they had just made an urgent call to Otto.

In a Facebook post about Clyde, the rescue group expressed their gratitude for having located him.

Otto, who has two rescue cats, knows how hard it can be when your beloved pet is in trouble. He was delighted to watch Clyde reunite with his adoring family.

“It’s always super awesome to see a family be greeted by a cat that they’ve been missing,” Otto said.

Since the tragedy, Clyde has been rebuilding his strength and spending a lot of time with his loved ones.

After everything that has happened, Clyde undoubtedly has a newfound respect for the security of the earth. And if he ever finds himself in a similar situation again, he may relax knowing that a familiar face would be there shortly to help him.

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