Кittens Вoth Wobbly Аnd Full Оf Life Won’t Go Аnywhere Without Еach Оther

Both of these kittens are wobbly and so full of life. They won’t go anywhere without each other.

Livvy (calico) and Huxley (tabby) came to their foster home along with their littermates for a chance at a better life.

They were born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which causes issues with balance and coordination. Kris Kaiser, who specializes in caring for wobbly kitties, nursed them back to health with supportive care and plenty of TLC.

Livvy and Huxley were on the small side but showed an incredible will to live. They never stopped eating and tried hard to grow big and strong.

With good food and great care, they began to make steady gains and have more strength to move around and play. Being wobbly never seemed to deter them from having fun.

“Livvy and Huxley are your typical playful and happy young kittens. They just move a little differently duo to CH. While they get around very well, they do experience frequent falls,” Kris shared with us.

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