Сat Shies Аway From Еveryone Вut Starts Тo Сhange When Мe Finds Someone Тo Тrust Оne Day

A cat shied away from everyone, but started to change when he found someone to trust one day.

Theodore was found as a street cat braving the harsh outdoors in North Philly. He arrived at Stray Cat Relief with a somber look on his face, and kept his head down the whole time.

He was shut down, barely moved, and didn’t want to interact with anyone. Liz, a cat behaviorist who volunteers for Stray Cat Relief, saw right through his shy exterior and took him on to foster.

“He seemed sad and depressed and wanted to be left alone. The first night I got him, I soon realized he wasn’t aggressive at all, just scared,” Liz told us.

Life on the street hadn’t been kind to Theodore. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body, and just needed a chance to feel safe and loved.

“We don’t know how long he was outside, but I think he was indoors and put out. He seems to know human touch.”

Liz began petting his face, head, and back to show him that she meant good. Theodore didn’t resist the love and stood there as if to soak it all in. Within two days, he grew fond of petting and was willing to sit on Liz’s lap for more pampering.

“I’ve cuddled him at least an hour a day, nearly every day. He still doesn’t approach me when I enter the room, but he’s started smelling my hand when I offer it instead of hiding his face. He will also sometimes stretch out his body while I’m cuddling him.”

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