Mаtildа thе Kittеn Givеn сPR, сơmеs Bасk tơ Lifе, Finds Hơmе Thаt’s ‘Mеаnt tơ Bе’

Few kitten rеscuеs are as dramatic as that of Matilda, a kitten given CPR after falling down an open drainpipe near Cleveland, Ohio. We previously shаrеd her story, which was all caught on video by the local news station.

Now, we want to give a wonderful update on where this survivor kitten is now after she came back to life.

Video by WKYC Channel 3:

Matilda made a miraculous recovery thanks to many wonderful folks, including Kym and Gary from Kamm’s Cat Guardians, a local TNR (trap, neuter, return) foster group. Gary performed CPR on Matilda after they worked to get her out of the hole, and she woke up crying on the way to the vet. (As a reminder, please cover any open drain pipes or openings on your property that can easily trap kittens and other animals.)

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