Сat Нangs Оut Оutside А Нouse Еvery Day Until Нe Sets Рaw Indoors, Вeing Нeld In Loving Аrms

A cat hung out outside a house every day until he set paw indoors, being held in loving arms.

Reggie (aka Parmesan Reggiano), an orange tabby cat, was part of a cat colony in Tucson, AZ. During a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project, Reggie quickly stood out among the 25 other orange cats.

“Not just because he’s cross-eyed and has an inexplicably large nose. He was so sweet and so friendly,” Courtney of Poets Square Cats, a TNR advocate and cat rescuer, shared.

Reggie and the rest of the cat colony were cared for by Arcelia, who volunteers for Southern Arizona Cat Rescue. After he was neutered, he continued to hang out with the rescuers whenever they arrived to help other cats.

He was eager for attention and always wanted to be in the middle of the action. “He would plop himself down in the middle like he was the star of the show.”

As they were wrapping up for the day, Reggie would hop up into their trunk as if he wanted to tag along.

Reggie was no stranger to his caretaker, Arcelia, as he always made himself known at each feeding.

“He came to eat every single day. He hung out outside my house and would sleep on top of my car or in a cut down palm tree in the back,” Arcelia shared with us.

The cross-eyed tabby was the man about town in his colony, and wasn’t afraid of coming to the door to voice his “demands”. He exuded so much confidence and had an insatiable desire for attention.

It was clear that Reggie would make an excellent indoor cat and that he belonged in the comfort of a loving home.

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