Bơttlе Bаbiеs Bаrlее аnd Bаrtlеby Mееt in Kittеn Fơstеr саrе

Rescuer Jenny from Northern Virginia took in two precious tiny kittens in May, later named Barlee and Bartleby. When Barlee arrived, Jenny called the teeny tiny tabby kitten Bartholomew until she later discovered he was a she. At just two days old, the bottle baby was all alone, and nobody knew what became of the kitten’s mother or siblings.

Barlee. Images, media via Instagram/jennys_animal_house

Three days later, Jenny took in another “solo guy,” grey kitten Bartleby. From the start, he was a vocal and “spunky Lil dude.” The grey kitten’s mother аbаndơnеd him in a shed after dogs spooked her. Then, she never came back for him.

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