These 2 Blind and Inseparable Kittens Amaze With Their Ability to Adapt

The 2 kittens named Pearl and Miley demonstrate how animals with blindness have the ability to adapt to their condition. They show an unfailing joie de vivre as long as they are together. Their foster family is therefore looking for a single home to adopt them.

Kerry, the foster volunteer for the Best Friends Felines association based in Brisbane in the United States, has been entrusted with 2 kittens like no other. The 2 little ones, Pearl and Miley, were found wandering with undeniable eye problems. Despite everything, they survived and found their food.

Kerry, therefore, took her 2 new charges to the veterinary clinic. It turned out that Pearl suffered from microphthalmia (tiny, malformed eyeballs) and that Miley was born with anophthalmia (absence of eyeballs). Their blindness is therefore irreversible. Nevertheless, the 2 resilient young ladies have proven that they are able to adapt like leaders.

The volunteers immediately noticed how brilliantly Miley and Pearl navigated their surroundings, no matter how new. Thanks to their other senses and their whiskers, they locate themselves with precision. “They have never missed the litter box and are bright, happy, and playful. They won’t stop purring when they hear us,” Kelly shared with Love Meow.

Pearl and Miley therefore quickly appropriated their room arranged especially for them by their good Samaritan. «I left the room to run some errands, and when I came back they were both sitting on top of the cat tree, extremely pleased with themselves,» Kelly added enthralled.

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However, it’s also obvious that Miley and Pearl need each other. Their benefactress noticed this from the first visit to the veterinarian.

The caregivers had to resolve to examine them together so that they remained calm and receptive.

“They often touch each other. And when one walks away, her sister calls her meowing,” Kelly added.

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The 2 girls will therefore be offered for adoption together so that they are never separated. In the meantime, they begin to explore the rest of the house and get to know the other residents.

Kelly said that in 15 years of good and loyal service to the association, she had never encountered such strong complicity between 2 felines.

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