Мissing Сat Rеturns With А Fish Вill Fоr Its Оwner Тo Рay

Cats, unlike dogs, are not generally kept on a leash and are often allowed to explore on their own. They usually know when to return and may even come home.

However, a pet owner in Thailand recently discovered that their cat had vanished.

A little piece of cardboard with a letter for its owner was tied around the hairy cat’s neck.

“I gave your cat three mackerels since he kept gazing at the mackerels in my store. Aunty May in the second alley.”

For the owner to call and settle the cat’s debt, it supplied a phone number and the address of Aunty May’s business.

Was there any regret on the cat’s part? Are you ashamed of what you’ve done? In no way, shape, or form.

Here’s a picture of it, appearing guilt-free and unconcerned about its mischief:

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