Тwo Кittens Were Аbandoned Вy Тheir Мother In Тhe Вushes Near А Нouse

One day, Kathy, a Montrealer in Canada, noticed what sounded like creaking noises coming from the yard of her home. She searched and discovered two kittens, one gray and the other black. They were concealed in the bushes behind one another, and only a sharp, uncontrolled squeak could be heard.

The kittens appeared to have been abandoned by their mother since they were very bony and frigid to the touch.

They looked like they were three weeks old. Katie decided not to touch them for now, in the hope of identifying the mother cat as well.

But hours passed, and no one came for the kids, besides, it was damp and cloudy outside, so the girl took the kittens to her home, and later handed them over to the animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal , whom she called in the process.

According to animal rights advocate Selin Krom, “When we removed them, they were fatigued and suffering from dehydration. The female (black) was very sick, she was visibly trembling from the cold, and she weighed half as much as her brother.

The volunteers immediately began to feed the kids and were happy to find that they did not refuse food – on the contrary, they pounced on the treat with great appetite, and when they were full, warmed up and dozed off.

Erika, an activist, took the kittens in. She fed and cared for the kids for two weeks, during which time they both grew larger, rounded out, and spent much of their time playing.

They had started eating solid food at the age of five weeks, dazzling their parents with a beautiful, robust appearance and copious amounts of fluff. Their fur grew longer and thicker every day.

The black girl is still more timid and smaller than her brother. The gray boy has greater mobility and curiosity. They explore all the strange crevices and corners of Erica’s home while walking shoulder to shoulder and sleeping in an embrace.

The mother gave the kittens the Russian names Tossia and Yuri (Tossia and Yuri), maybe because she thought they looked like Siberian cats.

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