Chееky Fơstеr Kittеn ơvеrсơmеs Tơxơplаsmơsis With Lơts ơf Lơvе аnd Tơrtitưdе

A Cheeky kitten overcomes toxoplasmosis, recovering completely thanks to her foster moms and a team of vets.

Portland, Oregon, kitten rеscuеrs, amazing kitty photographer Cassidy, and mom Laura took in three teeny tiny foster babies in August. They were only two weeks old at the time, requiring round-the-clock bottle-feeding every 2-3 hours and considerable medical treatment, as it turned out.

The rеscuеrs aren’t sure how they came to the Cat Adoption Team nonprofit shelter via the Humane Society of Southwest Washington. These cuties became “The Brit Kits,” with Cheeky (a tortie girl), Moppet (an orange and white vocal girl), and Chippy (a solid orange boy). All were in bad shape at the time with crusty eyes and needed drops and flea treatment immediately. Two ginger siblings went to another foster home, and one sadly passed.

The Brit Kits after they first arrived in the foster home

They must have heard [Cassidy] and I discussing tube feeding, because all three latched right away at the last feeding & drank the most formula,” Laura said.

The Brit Kits on a striped towel

Cheeky was smaller from the start.

The Brit Kits size comparison with Cheeky being much smaller

The video below gives you an idea of their wee tiny size, as “the claw” scoops up Cheeky. (A funny reference to the animated movie Toy Story)

Images and media via Instagram/daisycatphotography and fosterkittenpdx

The Brit Kits are Wee Tiny

At first, The Brit Kits struggled to latch onto the bottle, but they suddenly figured it out.

These furbabies were so tiny but soon explored their amazing play area and made the cutest mews. They all seemed to be doing great, but then, things quickly went south for Cheeky.

Little Cheeky made the tinies little biscuits on a soft white blankie. Warning: Cuteness level is off the charts.

 Cheeky Begins to Stumble

At three weeks old, the kittens appeared to be thriving. But a week later, it was clear something was amiss with Cheeky, who began stumbling and unable to walk.

“They are such outgoing, active kittens & VERY vocal – always either meowing or purring when they’re not sleeping,” Cassidy wrote.

All three Brit Kits together

Cheeky Has Toxoplasmosis

At four weeks old, the caring fosters took Cheeky to the vet, suspecting toxoplasmosis was affecting the tortie girl’s mobility. She had to remain away from her siblings while she recovered, and they kept a vigilant eye on Chippy and Moppet.

Cheeky the kitten looking adorable

The poor little girl couldn’t walk but was hanging in there after starting antibiotic treatment. It was scary for the foster moms, who worried she might not return home from the vet or have permanent neurological issues.

Cheeky with toxoplasmosis diagnosis

They had to try two different antibiotics and hoped the second one would do the trick with treatment twice daily for 4 weeks. It was touch and go for a while. She couldn’t walk for a week, and they didn’t know if Cheeky would pull through.

“It would be so amazing if she is able to walk again and can rejoin her siblings. We miss her tortitude!” said Cassidy.

Cheeky kitten has toxoplasmosis

Cheeky Pulls Through Slowly

Fortunately, Cheeky soon responded to the new antibiotics and was back with her siblings looking impossibly cute!

The Brit Kits kittens on foster mom's legs

However, Moppet insisted she was the World’s Cutest kitten.

“Moppet says it’s hard work being the world’s cutest kitten 😴.”

Moppet looking cute

Moppet and Chippy grew stronger daily and would soon be ready to go to forever homes by the end of September. They were twice Cheekys size.

“Chippy is a dorky, lovable, goofy boy & Moppet is the sweetest, softest, most talkative girl.”

Moppet and Chippy in a colorful swing

Thankfully, Cheeky was gradually improving by the end of August, although still very wobbly.

Wrestling with her siblings helped her grow strong. And they interacted with the gentle Louie the Cocker Spaniel, who loves kittens.

The Brit Kits held all three together over a colorful rug in the foster playroom

“Here’s Cheeky! 💞 Although she still can’t walk, she’s slowly getting stronger and a bit more mobile every day. “

Cheeky in a colorful hammock swing

Cheeky was living up to her name, giving some funny “outtakes” for her photographer foster mom.

Cheeky kitten on purple towel

Before you could blink, The Brit Kits were seven weeks old, and all were insanely cute. But they all still needed care for coccidia, so all required medication. It takes constant vigilance to care for tiny kittens, but the reward is endless cuteness and hilarious antics. 

The Brit Kits, Portland, Oregon, Cheeky, Moppet, and Chippy

Moppet and Chippy Find a Home Together

As adorable as they are, it’s no surprise that Moppet and Chippy found homes after being spayed/neutered and vaccinated at nine weeks old. Best of all, it’s together forever for these two bonded babies, and they got new spicy names.


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