Тhe Сat Вecame А Foster Dad For А Newborn Сat Аnd Нelped Save Нer Life

Two small, critically unwell kittens were born on March 9. They were placed in a foster household a day later.

When they first came, a kind cat in the neighborhood named Benny believed that these little fur balls required twice as much love and care.

The woman who took the babies from the local orphanage is named Helen Carozza. She works as a veterinarian at NOVA Cat Clinic in Virginia.

“The staff at the shelter knew they couldn’t provide these babies with serious treatment, so they rushed to bring them to me from Spotsylvania County,” recalls Helen.

The babies survived the 2-hour trip in order to get a better chance of survival.

The kittens were 24 hours old. They looked like two mini versions of snow-white Benny. The cat himself, as always, offered his help to the hostess and willingly shared with her the care of the new wards.

Benny has been fascinated by kittens since the first time he saw them.

Helen continuously fed the infants via bottle. “When one kitten started urinating blood, which was an immediate sign of health issues, we understood we were dealing with a serious case.”

48 hours later, despite all human attempts, one of the infants passed away.

“Benny realized that the remaining kitten really needed him and began to take part in every feeding and grooming session. He came every hour to visit the sick little one, ”says Helen.

“We like to think that Benny deliberately didn’t let the little one give up. He was extremely persistent, caring and considerate.”

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