Rеsсưеr Pеrfơrms Lifеsаving сPR ơn Kittеn аftеr Sаving Hеr frơm аn ơpеn Pipе Drаin

Matilda, the kitten, fell eight feet down an open drainpipe outside a Cleveland, Ohio, home, crying in distress. Hearing the cries, a man named Robert called the fire department but struggled to find someone to come. That’s when he called on a local rеscuе group called Kamm’s Cat Guardians. From there, they tirelessly worked for hours to sаvе Matilda, even giving her CPR on the scene.

the drain hole where the kitten got trapped

The drain hole where the kitten got trapped

On Tuesday, April 5, Matilda and three other kittens managed to go down the open 4-inch pipe at the outside corner of a brick home. Sadly, the other kittens drowned by the time the rеscuеrs arrived, but they wouldn’t give up on Matilda. As they worked, they could hear the kitten crying for help.

Rescuers work to sаvе trapped kitten in pipe

Images: Facebook, Kamm’s Cat Guardians, Screenshots via YouTube/WKYC

According to the rеscuеr’s Facebook page, it was a group effort to sаvе the kittens. Jim from the local hardware store quickly constructed a device to grab the kitten. Also, Craig and Mike from the local WKYC news assisted Kamm’s Cat Guardians, Kym & Gary.

Rescuer Gary Performs CPR on Matilda

As they struggled to extract Matilda from the vertical pipe, she cried. But then, everything went quiet. 

“Stay with me, please! Stay with me,” said Kym. “Oh God, please let her still be alive! She’s not making any noise.”

What happened next was caught on video (see below)

“She wasn’t breathing when she came out of the water, but they did CPR on her and rushed her to MedVet,” stated the post.

Gary performs CPR on kitten, Rescuers work to get her out

Top: Gary performs CPR on the kitten. Bottom: Rescuers work to get her out

Matilda Starts Breathing Again

After the rеscuеrs rushed the kitten to the vet, she amazingly woke up and started crying again. It was “music to everyone’s ear,” they said. Thankfulky, she made a quick recovery despite being so close to dеаth.

“They kept her until her body temperature was back up to normal and she was eating. Kamm’s Cat Guardians picked her up this evening and welcomed her into foster care,” the post states.

Matilda the kitten in the car, CPR

Relieved, they thanked everyone involved for saving the kitten. But heartbrơkеn for the little ones that weren’t so lucky. 

“Thanks to Gary, Kym, Jim, Craig and Mike, this little one can grow up to live a long life. Although our hearts are brơkеn for the ones who couldn’t be sаvеd, we are grateful for little Matilda’s survival. Please, cover any open drain pipes in your yard,” they wrote.

Open pipe near Cleveland home

Open pipe near Cleveland home

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